Incredible iPhone Photography tricks

“I watched this months ago and it completely changed the way I take photos”

“Invaluable for this novice! Thank you so very much”

Thank you, this will help my photography on my new iPhone 8

Best iphone XR review

“Bought this phone yesterday it’s a battery beast. Simple to use.”

“I was really nervous about losing the home button, but it turns out it’s really easy to get used to.”


“It has been a month since I started using my iPhone XR and the experience has been awesome. Excellent battery life, smooth operating system, and most of all, dual Sim functionality are the best features of this iPhone.”

“Loved this review style. Straightforward, honest and very informative.”


iPhone XR screen repalcement – Laurents’s meat market

iPhone XR screen replacement for Jack at Laurent’s Meat Market  in Harvey. Jack dropped and broke his phone when unloading the truck that was dropping of supplies.

Jack’s mom called Jeff the cell phone repair guy to come out in his mobile cell phone repair van to repair Jack’s phone while he was at Laurent’s working.